Arf arf, bark, and awoo! :3 [Translation: Nice to meet you!]

I am a grey wuff who loves green things. Not only do I wear green things – like my favorite cloak – I have green patches of fur that fluoresce under the right conditions :3

As a rogue, I love shooting arrows at strategic targets, evading enemies' clumsy attacks, and dashing around the battlefield with the grace of the winds. I am bound by no-one's rules, not even mine, as I live for the thrills of adventure! >:3

In the so-called real world, I craft code in exchange for food, like many folks here. Before that, I studied computational physics – the art of writing programs to solve math equations in less than O(n) time X3

Outside of work, I would occasionally mash the piano in the hopes of hitting the right notes in the right order, or I might try to doodle something vaguely animal-shaped :3

I don’t play games much these days, nor have I ever had much interest in popular music/movies/sports/etc. I once raided actively in WoW, but nowadays I find much more thrill in writing code to help code faster and contributing bugs to the open-source community :3

My fursuit was made by the wonderful Kodi. It debuted at Anthrocon in 2014 and has seen several conventions since, including Midwest FurFest.

Most of my social activity is on Twitter and Telegram nowadays, with the former dedicated to pictures of food I eat every day and other everyday acts of silliness. Feel free to stop by and say hi!