Arf arf! Nice to meet you :3

I am a grey wuff with a penchant for green things and technical minutiae.

Supposedly, in the real world, I am a grad student in computational physics, which is this funky hybrid of coding and physics. It’s a really exciting field to work on, but it’s also a fine line to walk on. I tend to stray too far into the coding side and forget to do enough studying on the physics side X3

Outside of work, i.e. in the remaining 0.001% of my time, I sometimes mash the keyboard for a bit to see if I can hit the notes in the right order, and once in a blue moon I might try to doodle something vaguely animal-like :3

I don’t play games much these days, nor have I ever had much interest in popular music/movies/sports/etc. I once raided actively in WoW, but nowadays I find much more thrill in writing code to help code faster and contributing bugs to the open-source community :3

My fursuit made by the wonderful Kodi. It debuted at Anthrocon in 2014 and has seen several conventions since, including Midwest FurFest or Motor City Furry Con.

Most of my social activity is on Twitter nowadays, where I post pictures of food I wish I could eat and rant about terrible code that I wrote. Feel free to stop by and say hi ^.^

FCWf2acdr A C+ D+ H+ M- P+ R- T+++ W- Z- Sm? RLS a cl++++ d? e++ f- h- iw++ j- p sm?